Friday, October 15, 2010

Sudoku Quilts

Last year I made a quilt really fast, 6 days for the piecing and quilting.  I neglected my family and my husband took on extra at home so I could make this quilt to enter a show. I decided on Friday night that yes I  would enter a quilt and the deadline for posting the entry form with photos was the following Friday.

None of my WIP (Works In Progress) fit the requirements so I had to start from the beginning.  A phone call to Mum produced the suggestion of a Sudoku quilt.  Sounded interesting and reasonably easy to make up.  I drafted a pattern and went shopping for fabric, that was a hardship - not!  I used a completed puzzle done by Jonathan for the fabric placement.

I had been the proud owner of my long arm machine for a month at this stage so I had a number of frustrating moments during quilting but the judges did not comment on this so I was happy.
Here's my quilt, 'Sudoku Blues'

I know you can't see all of it but the puzzle is correct.

Earlier this year an article was written in Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine about the show I entered this quilt in to and a photo of this quilt was included. A lady in South Africa emailed me about my quilt and wished to make one, would I mind?  I was thrilled that someone was inspired to make a quilt because they really liked mine.  Linza has sent me some photos of her quilt and given me permission to post them on my blog.  Enjoy.

more blocks
one block
before quilting

Linza has made her quilt a bit larger and included some more fabric.  It looks great and I'm really pleased she enjoyed making it after seeing Sudoku Blues.  Congratulations Linza, a wonderful quilt!

Happy Sewing


Happy Birthday to Me!!

I know I said next post would have pictures of quilts but I have an amazing friend who rose to the challenge and made me the birthday cake I have always wanted.  I am late posting about this as my birthday was late last month but its been quite busy around here.

As you may have noticed I have 4 sons and so I make 4 special cakes each year, mostly from the Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book. This cook book is well known in Australia with many ideas and instructions for making wonderful birthday cakes.  

I share my birthday with my 2nd son, he was born on my 28th birthday and so 'our' birthday is often spent with me preparing his cake.
This year the lovely Rebecca made my dream cake, I can only imagine the time it took and what she perhaps should have been doing.

The scales are made by rolling flat small coloured marshmallows I was presented with my cake at our monthly craft night so could share with the ladies there and the rest my family helped me to eat.

Thank you Rebecca !!!