Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quilt Auction for QLD Flood relief

I have spent part of today watching in utter amazement at the sheer volume of water running through so many towns in QLD. My parents live in Warwick and are currently cut off from town but are in no danger of losing their home or belongings.

Though we are a long way from them our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost so much and more so with the families who have lost loved ones.

To help the flood victims Jenny of Elephantz is generously auctioning 2 of her beautiful quilts. Please follow the link on the side bar to Jenny's blog to view and bid on these georgeous quilts, Shabby Roses and A Christmas Story. 

I would like to say Thank You to the Emergency Services people and SES workers and volunteers for their devotion to helping victims of these floods.  I pray they will be able to be relieved and rested as required.

I encourage you to have a look at Jenny's quilts and place a bid if you  can.

For those in QLD,


Monday, January 10, 2011

A couple of my own quilts

Now that I've spent some time sorting my photos into the correct folders, we all have our own filing system don't we, I can show you some more of what I've been up to recently. 
As I was sorting and labeling the photos I realised there are quite a few I've not shared with you. I hope you enjoy seeing them as they get posted here.

This first quilt is one I made whilst living in New Zealand in 2005.  Dierdre became my friend and we decided to make this quilt at the same time.  It's been a great memory of the time we spent sewing together and I hang it each Christmas in my house.  Happy New Year to Deirdre, Mark Jacob Logan and Hannah!
Christmas Trees

Contrary Wife and Ornery Husband is the title of this quilt which usually hangs in our bedroom. I made this one quite a while ago when I first bought my new machine.  I thoroughly tested the 1/4" foot with all the triangles and such and I am pleased to say 95% of my corners are matching and very neat.
Contrary Wife and Ornery Husband
I love the woven effect created with  just 2 blocks, a Snowball block and Jacob's Ladder I believe. The pattern is in one my quilt books and I've used similar colours to the sample, our room is also decorated using these 3 colours so it fits well.
This was my first time doing free motion quilting on my domestic machine, I was very worried I'd stuff it all up somehow but I'm still reasonably happy with the finished result.

This quilt was made by Kath and myself for our friend Sandy's 3rd child Logan.  We saw it in a magazine and thought, mmm.. we have enough pieces to make this.  Hence it is a little scrappy but we had fun and I'm pretty sure Logan did not mind.  We used a piece of blanketing as the wadding which is lovely and thick, just the thing for floor use in New Zealand.
Logan's Quilt
Sorry its sideways, I did not change the original file and can't do it here.

Tulips and Daffodils

 These lovely stained glass panels were also made while we were living in New Zealand, I had lots of fun making them and used the complete roll of bias tape, I think I had about 1 1/2" left when I was done!

The dog rose panel was done in a class I took and then I got enthused that weekend and finished the other 3. I used some unevenly dyed fabric to give a bit of interest.

Dog Roses and Iris

I have a design for a sunflower in stained glass from the Three Swans Studio which I hope to make this year.  If I say it here someone will ask me at some point and it will get done.
I plan to hang it near my front door so my customers know they are at the correct house. 

I do like the stained glass effect and that these are 4 individual quilts, they could have been joined together quite easily as well.

Well this is most of what's in my 'Personal' photo file, will show you some more from the customer's quilts folder next time.

Happy Sewing


Sunday, January 9, 2011

At last, some more quilts!

A couple of posts ago I said I would show you some of the quilts I've been busy with for customers, well that was a couple of months ago and we are now into 2011,  Happy new Year Everyone. 
Here are a few pictures of quilts since October.
Gwen's 1930's Hearts
Gwen's Hearts border
The hearts were echo quilted a bit like a celtic knot with simple lines in the setting triangles to complement the piano key quilting in the border.

Gwen's hearts block
Gwen started this quilt a few years ago and has been busy this year getting a few WIP's completed. There will some more photos of Gwen's quilts coming up soon.

A simple wavy line was quilted in the sashing using Invisifil thread
Leslie's niece's quilt
Close-up of blocks
Leslie's niece saw this quilt in a magazine after a quilt gift was offered and said she liked it exactly how it was.  A few internet orders later and Leslie was piecing circles and squares with great speed.

This quilt now resides in the US after the binding was completed and it took up a fair bit of luggage space I'm sure, being a QS quilt.  Leslie was quite busy before her trip as she also completed a KS quilt for her parents and took it home to the US.

Bright Circles
Bright Circles Block
Lilian made this bright quilt as a gift for a small person, I really like the wonky circles, they add movement to the quilt.
The quilting pattern I used is called Bayside and a variegated thread also adds some interest.

I've spent some time sorting photos so will add a few more very soon.  I have had to fight for some time on the computer. Holidays and 4 boys have dominated them for a bit. 

Happy Sewing