Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Can Happen In A Week!

Well a busy week it has been in this house.  I have sent 4 parcels to my Mum for the Airing of the quilts, and then another one just last Friday with her hexagon quilt in it.

I've included a photo of the border quilting design,
I hope you like it, it was fun to do.

I have been busy doing Mum things like soccer training rounds and also finally cutting up fabric for a raffle quilt for Matthew's Pre-school.  I have a photo of the fabric that I am using and soon I will put up the photos of the blocks and finally the 2 quilts that have been made from this fabric.

I saw a photo of a quilt and thought that it was lovely and simple and required only 4 coordinating fabrics.
Lincraft near me had a sale earlier this year and I could not resist as their patchwork fabric was marked down to $5.00 per metre which is a bargain in Australia.  This is also a great price for a raffle quilt as it makes the overall cost much less. 

Now for a photo I am very proud of, my eldest son Jonathan with his first quilt, made entirley by him.  Rotary cutting, machine sewing, trimming, and then machine quilting on my long arm.  Well Done Jonathan!!
Now Mum just need to work out how to make the photo vertical but for now just tilt your head a little.

It has since been trimmed and now for the binding.
Jonathan is also displaying his quilt at the Airing in Warwick mid next month, please see the links at the top right of the page for Glenrose Patchwork or Jumpers and Jazz Festival.

More updates of the yellow and black quilt soon.

Happy Sewing


Friday, June 18, 2010

Ruler Handle

I was shopping for a few items in Aldi this week and I found this bath or shower safety handle. Having seen these in catalogues I thought I would try it on my quilting ruler and it appears to work quite well.  Have a look in your local store. 
Have Fun


Hexagon Quilt 2

It was a busy night for me quilting as I decided to use thread colours to match the plain fabric for each diamond so numerous thread changes were necessary. The quilting is a fairly simple design but I don't think it needs any more. Here is Mum's hexagon quilt with all the diamonds quilted.

Just the border to go now. You will be able to see this quilt in Queensland at the Airing of the Quilts on the 16th and 17th July 2010 in Warwick.

This is the second year for the Airing and profits go to Breast Cancer QLD. The Airing of the Quilts is during the Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival, 15th to 25th July 2010.  If you are going to be traveling that way I hope you have time to stop and have a look.  Say Hi to my Mum for me: ask for Barbara.

Happy Sewing

Hexagon Quilt

This hexagon quilt has been pieced by my Mum using fabric from many years of sewing. I have been thinking what I can quilt on it for a few weeks now as I wanted to use the diamond pattern to influence the quilting.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to my blog.
I will be learning to blog as I go along and adding new things as I learn about them. You can also find me on Facebook and my business website (

I will try to add photos of the quilts I do and any interesting features I find or stories to tell about them. There is a gallery on the website and also some photos on my fb page but here I can tell you more about the quilts.

Please leave a comment if you see anything you like or have a question.

Until next time