Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canberra Quilter's Exhibition

This is Kristine's  'Blue Path's' which won 1st in the Commercially quilted category of the recent Canberra Quilter's Exhibition.  

Here's a closeup. 

And here is Jodelyn's quilt for her grandson which won 2nd in the same category.

and here is a detail of the above
Why am I showing you these pictures?  Well I am proud to say I quilted these quilts.  Hence I am a little excited that they won and very pleased for them.
I now need to collect my quilts from the exhibition except the Challenge Quilt, with the theme Go Green.  I did not realise that it will now go on tour and I will get it back sometime next year.
See an earlier post for a picture of my challenge quilt.
That's my latest news,  Happy Sewing

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And yet more from last month

Jonathan won!!!!.  I am a very proud Mum, Jonathan's quilt Aussie Animals won first prize in the Junior Section of the Glenrose Airing of the Quilts.  We were not aware there were prizes, just aiming to increase the junior section and it was a project fort Jonathan and I to spend time together.  Jonathan's prize included a certificate, a bundle of fabric and some prize money.  Not bad for an 11 year old boy.  Here's a pic...

The one on the right shows you the bright orange binding.

 Below are a couple of quilts completed recently.
 This is a 60th birthday gift quilted with the pantograph "Tea Rose" in a yellow and blue variegated thread which gave a lovely effect especially on the more solid pieces of fabric

and Ella's quilt, a bright kids print with coordinating fabric quilted with hearts and loops.
Here's a view of the back so you can see the quilting.

While I was quilting the 60th birthday quilt I ran out of thread and therefore needed
 to visit a patchwork shop, Oh dear! I had no cash and there is often a minimum to purchase by Eftpos, Oh dear! I had to buy something else, Oh no!  I found some great quilt labels, one of which will be perfect for the preschool raffle quilt and also a printed panel which will be great for doing some quilting detail on. So this is what I found.    
I'm trying to space them so they fit nicely but its not working and at this hour neither is my brain.
Happy Sewing

More of last month's happenings

As well as getting the raffle quilt on the machine I also had a few other deadlines, one of which was getting my Canberra Quilters Challenge quilt finished and ready to submit for the Canberra Quilter's Exhibition being held concurrently with the Craft Show at EPIC.  For those outside the ACT, EPIC stands for Exhibition Park In Canberra, a multi building exhibition grounds where numerous large events are held throughout the year.

This years challenge theme is "Going Green".  My thoughts turned to colours rather than the obvious reduce, reuse, recycle we are encouraged to adopt.  We do try to do all that in our home but I was trying to think laterally.  We'll see later this week how that went.  Anyway here is my answer to the theme "Going Green".
 I even pieced the binding so that it would keep with the colours of the quilt quite closely, something I have not done before.  I've not made an 'art' quilt before wither so this was definitely a challenge for me. Some  people who have seen the quilt have puzzled over the connection so I really hope you can see what my aim was. It seemed so simple to me but we all think differently.

The other quilt I have entered in the show is "Sudoku Blues"
This quilt was made and quilted in 6 days after I decided at the last minute to enter the AMQA Show last year.  It is based on a completed Sudoku puzzle, uses 9 blue fabrics to represent the numbers, and yes it is correct.

I will be at the Craft Show on Thursday helping at the Canberra Quilters Quilts For Others area. If you are in the Exhibition area come over and say 'Hi'.
The Craft Show is on from Thursday 5th to Sunday the 8th August in Canberra.

Happy Sewing

What can happen in a month!

Well I did locate the card reader and then needed to fend off my older children for a decent chance at the computer, school holidays during this time did not aid the situation. However I have uploaded all my new photos and have some interesting things to show. As my children are currently out of town with their grandparents I can post my news bit by bit.

These are the 2 quilts I made from the coordinating fabric,  the pre-school has chosen the brighter mostly yellow one.

I have been able to get it on the machine and start the quilting, seeing as its needed in a week or so, that's a good thing.
So if you are in Canberra and woulds like to purchase a ticket to win this quilt, visit the Evatt Primary School & Pre School Environmental Fair on August the 28th between 10am and 2pm. There will be lots of things happening besides this quilt being raffled.
Happy Sewing