Friday, February 15, 2013

Blue Gentleman

Whilst posting about the raffle quilt I saw I had not actually shown you my main piece of work from 2012.
This quilt is made for my husband and will be his after it has been in the Royal Canberra Show next weekend.
The pattern for this quilt is from Sindy Rodenmayer of and is called Southern Gentleman.  Sindy created hers in browns but I decided to make it in blues.

I spent many hours tracing shapes onto Vliesofix and then cutting them out.  I skipped a step and the appliqueing was done as part of the quilting process.  It did mean being very gentle with the quilt top. I was pleased with the result.
Thomas in front of the yet to be bound quilt.

Hanging at the 2012 Canberra Quilters Exhibition

I was thrilled to win 3rd place in the Bed Quilt Professional category. 
One of the 16 blocks. Each block was 16", a good sized quilt you could say.

Lots of interesting shapes to quilt around.

Each shape was appliqued raw edge style in matching thread, this meant rolling the quilt numerous times as I stitched each colour, then started again with the next.

The background quilting is white Rasant thread and I used an extremely pale blue Bottom Line in the bobbin. This is my version of McTavishing, all the background quilting is freehand.

The sashing and setting squares, I like the secondary effect created from the diamonds.
The navy border, you can see the chalk marking I did to keep my shapes even in size.
Lastly I've added a few extra close ups of the blocks. I love the texture created by the quilting.

If anyone is wondering why I chose blue for this quilt, Thomas has blue eyes and he looks great wearing these colours.
I know this was a long post but I hope you enjoyed seeing my special quilt for Thomas.


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  1. I love this quilt. *love it*

    I lusted after it when we were hanging the quilts at last years exhibition. I lusted after it again when I saw it at the Show and now I'm lusting after it again while reading this. It's beautiful!

    And I'm so amazed to learn that it's all raw edge - all this time I thought to do this sort of quilt you had to spend hours of hand stitching. It's amazing to think that you did all of this without it.

    Stunning! If Thomas doesn't like it I know a person who would... ;)