Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preschool Raffle Quilts and OBW

Remember that pile of black and yellow fabric?  The bargain ones I bought earlier this year.

Here are a pile of blocks...

I must remember that it is not the sewing that always takes a long time, the cutting of pieces can be the longest.  This quilt went together quite quickly really, and it was good to use my domestic machine again.


Here is the centre part together, looking good so far.

When my husband gets home and I can locate the card reader I will put up the completed  quilt tops.

These 2 quilts were made by my Mum, Barbara.  They are both One Block Wonders and look fabulous.  The effect of this technique makes for truly individual quilts and some amazing results from the pattern repeats.

They were both quilted with a pantograph as the quilting in this case is mainly functional and the fabric is the star.

This OBW is made using Thimbleberries house and Garden range from 2007, and we were able to get a backing from Widebacks Australia in the same range to match.

This One Block Wonder was pieced by Ros, a friend of my Mums and whom you will also find at the Warwick Airing of the Quilts on the 16th and 17th of July, say Hi for me if you go.

Again the pattern repeats give a wonderful and varied result, you can see the original fabric used for the border.

Ros used a batik fabric for the backing, I believe her grandson has some groovy trousers to match.

Check back soon for an update on the raffle quilts.



  1. Hi - I saw your comment on ChookyBlue noted a new blogger. I am too so I thought I would drop in. You have some lovely work going on and I love the ruler holder idea - we have one of those in the bathroom for when MIL came to visit - it will be upcycled! I agree with the cutting taking so long - I am doing a cuddle rug out of old baby clothes ..... cutting forever! Pop by sometime............

  2. Hello Raylee, Love the quilts you are working on.You seem very busy. Hope all goes well with your blogging and especially your quilting business. Love the name of your blog. Happy days.

  3. Hi Raylee............welcome to blogland........liking the look of the yellow and black blocks.....
    Your Mum and her friends quilts look lovely........

  4. Welcome to Blogland, Raylee. Saw your comment over at Chookyblue and thought I'd say hello. Your off to a great start with your new blog and I love the name - wish I would have thought of that!!! I just started my blog this year too so please pop by anytime...
    See you again soon.