Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And yet more from last month

Jonathan won!!!!.  I am a very proud Mum, Jonathan's quilt Aussie Animals won first prize in the Junior Section of the Glenrose Airing of the Quilts.  We were not aware there were prizes, just aiming to increase the junior section and it was a project fort Jonathan and I to spend time together.  Jonathan's prize included a certificate, a bundle of fabric and some prize money.  Not bad for an 11 year old boy.  Here's a pic...

The one on the right shows you the bright orange binding.

 Below are a couple of quilts completed recently.
 This is a 60th birthday gift quilted with the pantograph "Tea Rose" in a yellow and blue variegated thread which gave a lovely effect especially on the more solid pieces of fabric

and Ella's quilt, a bright kids print with coordinating fabric quilted with hearts and loops.
Here's a view of the back so you can see the quilting.

While I was quilting the 60th birthday quilt I ran out of thread and therefore needed
 to visit a patchwork shop, Oh dear! I had no cash and there is often a minimum to purchase by Eftpos, Oh dear! I had to buy something else, Oh no!  I found some great quilt labels, one of which will be perfect for the preschool raffle quilt and also a printed panel which will be great for doing some quilting detail on. So this is what I found.    
I'm trying to space them so they fit nicely but its not working and at this hour neither is my brain.
Happy Sewing


  1. WEll done to Jonathan...... fantastic job.... Hugz
    PS the labels are great...

  2. He had fun and worked well at getting it done on time. I have yet to show him the post so he'll see your comment soon.
    I love printed quilt labels and encourage all my customers to use them, a thing that stuck with me after seeing the Rajah quilt years ago and the curator mentioned how useful the info can be in future.

  3. Congratulations to Jonathan....he had done an amazing job...Your quilts are lovely, awesome quilting....and thanks Raylee for stopping by my blog...

  4. Just found your blog, lovely to meet you :)!! Congratulations to your son, that's wonderful, he must be so proud of himself, as I bet you are of him!! Your quilting is lovely, I would loooove a longarm quilter, lucky you!! and the labels are gorgeous, I have never seen them before, will have to have a look around for some! Have a great night!
    Jen from W.A.

  5. Hi Jenny, thanks for having a look at my blog. I'm still learning to blog and also expanding my quilting skills, this is a bit of my journey and a bit of my family too. The machine is great, although not a small outlay. I love seeing what people make with the fabric they choose and helping them complete the project. I am proud of Jonathan and hope that next year William will also have a quilt to show. Cheers, Raylee