Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canberra Quilter's Exhibition

This is Kristine's  'Blue Path's' which won 1st in the Commercially quilted category of the recent Canberra Quilter's Exhibition.  

Here's a closeup. 

And here is Jodelyn's quilt for her grandson which won 2nd in the same category.

and here is a detail of the above
Why am I showing you these pictures?  Well I am proud to say I quilted these quilts.  Hence I am a little excited that they won and very pleased for them.
I now need to collect my quilts from the exhibition except the Challenge Quilt, with the theme Go Green.  I did not realise that it will now go on tour and I will get it back sometime next year.
See an earlier post for a picture of my challenge quilt.
That's my latest news,  Happy Sewing

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  1. Hi Raylee - these are lovely to see and you should be wonderfully proud of the quilting - it is great....